Communication Expertise


What and how you speak matters! The proliferation of input demands exceptional communication to break through and grab people’s attention. Culturally diverse and complex audiences and groups demand a communicator that speaks intentionally and creatively. Focus, relevance, timing and tone are all keys to connecting with people. As a master communicator and educator, Candie Blankman speaks to groups of all sizes in a wide variety of contexts for maximum results. With powerful focus and creative delivery she can speak to the desired ouctomes for your group or business. Her storytelling and humor are added bonuses that delights audiences of all types and ages. Your ordinary event can become extraordinary with Candie on your team.


You do not have to wonder if your message was clear or your objective was accomplished. You do not have to fear speaking, whether to an individual  or group. Ordinary speakers are insecure and unsure. You can be an extraordinary speaker and assured of your impact. You can leave every conversation and every speaking engagement, every professional presentation absolutely certain you delivered your message with focus and power. Rather than being showered with ordinary polite comments, you can be totally energized by the extraordinary positive feedback. Candie Blankman has over thirty years of experience in coaching communicators and educators. For one session or a customized package the value of coaching with Candie is the best investment you will ever make in your development as a speaker, teacher, or presenter.

Conflict Management and Clarifying Communication

Communication like oxygen is necessary for life. And conflict is a normal and healthy part of life. You do not have to walk away from personal or professional conversations frustrated and confused about what was communicated. Conflict can be your teacher. You can go from ordinary to extraordinary in dealing with conflict. Lackluster communication can be transformed to focused and clear and be productive even if full resolution is not achieved.  You can achieve the outcomes necessary for successful relationships, personal and professional, and grow in your ability to manage conflict.

Candie Blankman completed the Mediation Skills Certification program through the Lombard Mennonite Peace Center, www.impeacecenter.org, and has worked with organizations and individuals in conflict resolution for over 20 years. Her very direct and clarifying approach to conflict is the primary characteristic colleagues identify in her communication. With individuals or teams, Candie Blankman can lead the way to extraordinary communication and productive outcomes.

Honoring Veterans

You don’t have to agree with the war to honor and thank a soldier. Candie Blankman’s father was a WWII prisoner of war whose sacrifice led to a lifetime of lessons and gratefulness. His and other stories must not be forgotten. Whether Candie brings her extensive multi-sensory exhibit or simply speaks to your group, the rich legacy of veterans and their impact on every day experiences comes to life with stories of war and life after. With video interviews, artifacts, original art, and historical documents, Candie’s exhibit, “Remembering, Retracing, Reflecting” displays what words cannot say. Not only veterans and their families from wars and conflicts, but anyone who sees her exhibit or hears her speak will be inspired to be grateful for all who have served and sacrificed for the freedoms we enjoy, and will be inspired to know and tell their own family story, whatever it is.

Ministry Related Expertise

The Discipleship Experience

Jesus’ power and presence is in every square inch of the universe—including your life story. Do you know your story and how it fits into God’s big story? Enter the discipleship laboratory with Groundings for a fresh look at five narrative texts that will help you recognize Jesus at work in every day life and in surprising places. You won’t go home with a notebook, you’ll experience Jesus in a way that will either inspire or haunt you for a lifetime! Ordinary life becomes extraordinary when partner with God’s work in and around you. Called “Groundings,” It will be available from Bold Vision Books http://www.boldvisionbooks.com/ in January 2018.

Spiritual Inspiration

The Bible is not primarily an ancient religious document. It is primarily the story of the creator and liberator God pursuing relationship, in community, with people. The stories, spanning thousands of years, when entered into with historical imagination are as relevant today as ever. Both old and new testaments hold the key to a life lived full and well in relationship with the God revealed in the stories. Candie’s passion through careful study and dynamic presentation brings to life these stories for all who want to know and be amazed at the God of the universe whose love is relentless. Ordinary lives are transformed into extraordinary experiences through Candie’s teaching and preaching.

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