About Candie


Candie has been speaking at retreats and conferences and public events for more than 35 years. She is an author, speaker, pastor and coach. Audiences are captivated as she creatively fuses storytelling and focused communication. She is passionate, intense, and funny.

In 2011, Candie published Forged by War, a book about her father’s experience as a POW in WWII. Candie has also been an instructor and coach for SCORRETM Conferences since 1986. In addition, Candie writes a blog called Gramasylum, about her adventures as a grandmother.

Candie’s passion is to equip people to see the extraordinary in the ordinary and to use every opportunity to live and communicate that perspective personally and professionally. As a communicator in a wide range of contexts, a personal coach to individuals, ministers and other professionals, her biggest kick in life is seeing others soar. When spare time shows up, she walks the beach and oil paints. She lives in Southern California, has been married for 41 years and coached three children. Now her five grandchildren are coaching her.