Communication. It is such a huge word. It is so much a part of life we go about it much of the time without even thinking. It can be deafeningly silent or ear piercing loud. It can be verbal or physical. It can be written or spoken. It can unite or divide. It can heal or hurt. It can bring peace or cause war. Communication can be innocuous or tragically destructive. It is powerful.

I have always been a very verbal person. Some suggest that I exited the birth canal in full oratory mode. I don’t know about that. I do know that communication has always fascinated me. Almost everything I have done and every job I have taken has revealed that I am wired to be a communicator. A teacher and a preacher by education, speaking publicly and with purpose in mind has been the center piece of my vocational life. I was a Thespian and spoke at my high school and first college commencement, I was the moderator of my seminary denominational club, taught speech and theater as a public-school teacher, and have been a speaking and preaching coach for thirty-two years with the SCORRE Conferences  and Dynamic Communicator’s International.

It Started Very Early

When I was eight years old I hid the spanking stick when my older siblings were in trouble. In fourth grade I was accused of being a peacemaker when I attempted to mediate fights on the school bus. Much later, I was trained by the Lombard Mennonite Peace Center in mediation skills and served on the Response Coordinating Team for ten years working with churches in serious conflict. Clear and purposeful communication has been my life. Its scope and power are so immense I continue to learn and grow as a communicator every day.

So at a time in life when many people would be looking to slow down and do less, I am ramping up. I am excited about this new venture and grateful for all of you who are joining me on it. This website and blog and the associated social media will be devoted to pursuing excellence in communication and all its amazing potential. Engaging in four primary areas of communication my dream is to be a resource for others in making ordinary extraordinary.

Four Areas of Communication


To schools, civic organizations, churches, and conventions, I speak and offer an exhibit on the contribution of veterans past and present to our incredibly blessed way of life. Rooted in discovering and writing about my own father’s experience as a prisoner of war in WWII, I am passionate about inspiring ordinary people to see and tell the extraordinary stories in their own lives.


Employing my deep passion for clear and focused communication and my coaching experience of over thirty plus years with some of the most creative and committed and teachable people on the planet, from every vocation and age and stage of life, I will coach men and women to be the best they can be in their pursuit of excellence in communication whether to a class of ten or an auditorium of thousands.

Spiritual Inspiration

For those seeking extraordinary spiritual resources there is Groundings. It is a curriculum but not a class. It is an experience that was developed over the last four years built on forty years of experience. It is a life transforming experience and will be available from Bold Vision Books in January 2018. I can hardly wait to offer this to churches and organizations who are longing to live and love like Jesus did.

Conflict Management

Finally, leaning on forty years of professional and ministry experience including significant multicultural work and travel I will help inspire people, and churches, and organizations, and companies discover the extraordinary potential in the ordinary collective life they share. Speaking and coaching on conflict management I will help ordinary people find extraordinary results in their private and professional lives. And my new blog begins here.

To kick this exciting new venture off, I am offering a simple yet powerful method for conflict management, personal and professional. I have used it extensively in one on one and group conflict management. The first four blogs of this website will unpack the four tools for conflict management offered in the free document you will receive for signing up. These are powerful, results-producing tools for personal and professional life. Don’t wait to sign up! Do it today. The unpacking begins next week.

Written by Candie


  1. John Morgan March 18, 2017 at 1:57 pm Reply

    So exciting Candie! I look forward to watching this take off my friend.

    • Candie
      Candie March 23, 2017 at 3:20 am Reply

      John! Thanks so much! did you see I credited you for getting me over the last hump? Your book was the final fear factor killer! Thanks so much, friend!

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